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Plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine

    Both plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine have received a great deal of attention from our patients. The presence of attractive, healthy and youthful skin is very important for most of us because after all, beautiful skin boosts both self-esteem and confidence for many. Thanks to modern aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, you can both save and prolong your beauty with healthy and aesthetically pleasing skin. MedicalAdvisor.pl provides you an access to all types of aesthetic medicine services to preserve a healthy, youthful and stunning appearance. Our Partners are the best specialists in this branch, using cosmetics of highest quality and utilizing and our latest discoveries in medicine.

Aesthetic Medicine:

• Filling of unwanted wrinkles with hyaluronic acid;

• Modeling and increased hyaluronic acid lips;

• Treatment of hyperhidrosis with a botulinum toxin;

• Mesotherapy;

• Lipolysis - correction of excess fat in the body;

Plastic Surgery:

• Breast modeling and enlargement;

• Reconstruction after chest mastectomy;

• Plastic surgery of the abdominal wall;

• Liposuction;

• Upper and lower blepharoplasty of the eyelids;

• Gynecomastia;

• Correction of birth defects;

• Correction of emissions;

• Correction of the nose and the nasal septum;

• Resection of skin tumors;

• Reconstruction of the skin;

Team MedicalAdvisor.pl

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