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      Cardiology in Poland still occupies a leading position in both quality and innovation, but most importantly, still holds high reputation for medical intervention in critical emergency situations. For this reason, Polish clinics are known and recognized beyond Polish borders. Approximately 280 cardiology departments in Poland with state-of-the-art medical equipment and highly qualified cardiologists are ready to assist our patients. We pair our patients with the best cardiologists to perform life-saving acute coronary syndrome procedures at the highest level at a more economical price compared to other EU countries.

MedicalAdvisior.pl is ready to assist our patients in the following surgical and interventional cardiological procedures:

Cardiology: coronary angiography, coronary angioplasty with the implantation of stents

Cardiac Surgery: coronary artery bypass surgery, cardiac surgery with minimal invasive method, cardiac valve surgery (mitral and aortic);

Vascular surgery: peripheral arterial angiography, peripheral artery angioplasty, and angioplasty of carotid arteries with implantation of stents.

In addition, Our Clinics provide all of the necessary resources needed to guarantee successful cardiological rehabilitation, which is extremely important for Our patient’s recovery.

Team MedicalAdvisor.pl

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