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General and oncological surgery

     Nowadays, general and oncological surgery can be a challenge for modern medicine. Diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases requires in-depth specially trained knowledge that is only obtained through specialized and extensive training. To ensure peace of mind for Our Patients, we will do Our part to pair Our Patients with physicians with extensive experience in General and oncological surgery. Holding highest regard to treatment provided by Our Partners, We would like to give You and Your Family a chance for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Procedures performed include specialty divisions of laparoscopic surgery:

• Gallstones and bile duct obstructions;

• Hernias surgery;

• Surgery of the lymph nodes;

• Surgery of varicose veins and aneurysms (hemorrhoids);

• Diseases of the breast (benign and malignant cancers of breast);

• Surgical treatment of skin lesions (benign and malignant including melanoma);

• Surgery of the thyroid gland.

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